Over the years, Disability Group, Inc. has helped numerous individuals just like you win and receive their Social Security Disability benefits. Here are some comments that our clients have allowed us to share.

I had heard the horror stories of trying to get approved for disability taking 3 years, sometimes even longer. The people at your firm not only got my approval in only four months, but they were great to work with. Very professional, helpful, and friendly. Everyone made the process almost effortless for me.
– Marla Perley, Florida

I would like to thank everyone that helped me get my disability. Without you I would of never gotten it.
– Caroline Bowers, Ohio

I want to thank you for helping me with my Disability claim with a successful ending. It was a pleasure working with your team members. If I have any need in the future or a review of the claim, I will make sure to get in touch with you and will be glad to refer you to others.
Carmen Khan, California

I referred my next door neighbor to your group. They told me you were the only one to respond!
– Karen Kennedy, California

“…Top Notch, Caring and Patient…”

I received from the Social Security Administration a letter, it is a “Fully Favorable” Notice of Decision. I have been very happy with the wonderful assistance I have received so far from the Disability Group in my claim. The staff that has worked with me has been top notch, caring and patient.
– Marilyn Varney, California

To each and everyone of you that worked on my case, I would like to say thank you so much. You all did an excellent job. I will be more than happy to refer you to friends and family members. Once again a million thank yous.
– Joe Gonzales, Texas

I just wanted to thank you for your help in winning my case. It was a life saver for me. Now I can get the medical help I need. The judge even commented on how well the case was prepared. I didn’t expect him to rule on it that day but he did and it want back to the first day I was disabled.
– Rosa Sebastian, North Carolina

I was very impressed by how professionally my case was handled.
– Carl Abbott, Michigan

Thank you so much for your time, hard work, and consistency in handling my case. Truly was a pleasure for your representation.
– Wanda Gathright, California

“…My Sincere Thank You…”

You and your associates need my sincere thank you, no words seem right. For so long I’ve lived with this uncertainty about my health and at every turn there has been wonderful people such as you and your staff who have made my journey here on earth much more serene. Even if the ruling had gone the other way I still would be writing this letter. I wish only the best for you, your company, and those great people who work so tirelessly, on not only my case, but for all your clients.
– Michele Theodore and Emily Gonzales, Arizona

I think they were a wonderful team of professionals. I would recommend them. They won for me and I am so grateful for that. They made me feel comfortable and at ease about my case and were always able to answer my questions. Results were positive and swift. I was treated with respect and concern.
– Isabella M.

They were very helpful with my case. I went through the yellow pages and found the Disability Group. They were courteous and kept me well informed throughout the process of my case. I would highly recommend them.
– Betty Jean S.

I won! They were very helpful all the way. I couldn’t have won without them. I was very confused about how to go about the process and couldn’t have won without them. I was very scared because I couldn’t work and didn’t know what I would do if I didn’t win.
– Lisa S.

They did a great job! I found the Disability Group in the yellow pages. They did everything over the phone, which helped me a lot. All it took was a few phone calls. That was so convenient for me. They were very courteous. I was completely satisfied with how they helped me.
– Jimmie H.

“…Proud to be a Client…”

I am writing to give you a thank you. Your staff is very friendly and helpful. I have had some worries of me being in Little Rock, Arkansas, and you being a firm in California. I am proud to be a client of the Disability Group. You staff is very professional and friendly, always helpful. Thank you for what you have done and for the work in the future.
– Deborah P.

Just a note to thank you for following up for me. I finally got my Arizona general assistance monies approved after Social Security finally called Arizona DES. It’s not a lot of money – but it helps right now. Thanks Again,
– Janet

It is my pleasure to have you represent me and my case. I was very impressed and pleased after my phone interview. Thank you again for treating me the way people need to be treated.
– Terry P.

I thank you again for taking my case as well as my wife’s. We appreciate all you have done and can not thank you enough. Your staff has been unbelievable. I email them, and they respond within 24 hours. I am hoping to win both cases. If your staff should need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
– Lawrence M.

Please accept my appreciation and gratitude for winning my appeal. This has helped me to pay bills on time and has given me the possibility of going back to work through the rehabilitation programs offered by Social Security.
– Mark S.

“…Sincere and Professional Assistance…”

Just one day before receiving your letter, the Social Security Administration Notice of Award arrived. I was so happy to see the results of the reconsideration of my claim for disability benefits. I am very grateful to you for your sincere and professional assistance in this matter. Without your help, I would have to wait long or even lose my rights for these benefits. Although my benefit is not great, it still helps me and my family a lot in the situation.
– Yilan T.

Thank you again for being honest with me about this situation, I cannot say that enough. GREAT JOB MY FRIEND GREAT JOB!!! I do pray we are over the big humps now and on our way to success.
– Dale R.

I had a terrible accident in ’01 and in ’03. Because of the ’03 accident, I was not able to work anymore, and I was going through a lot of legal paperwork pertaining to my workman’s compensation court case. So I, in desperation, called the Disability Group from the number I got from TV ads. I was assigned to a case manager and from then on until I received my disability retro check, my worries were over. After having my near fatal accident and subsequent rehab and compensatory payments form workmen’s compensation, I wasn’t “up” for the task of getting all the facts and reports to get my SSDI award. My case manager did that and much more…in under 6 months. After answering several questions pertaining to my physical condition and accidents… and signing several papers on release records, I didn’t need to do anything else. The Disability Group and especially my case manager were more helpful than was necessary…They did “Above and Beyond”.
– Hale H.

First of all, I would like to thank you for returning my phone call. You are the first professionals to actually listen to me and the circumstances of my son’s case. You certainly encouraged me to pursue an appeal. I am faxing the Administrative Law Judge’s decision and also a short record of his (my son’s) disabilities that are fully documented. I would like to thank you and your manager for reviewing this for me. This has been a long and frustrating situation that is not yet finished.
– Virginia H.

I just want you guys to know that you are doing a great job preparing files for hearings, including gathering materials/exhibits, making assessments, and preparing notes for me. It really helps a lot.
– Brian Z.

“…Truly Been Awesome…”

Here are the forms you guys sent me to sign – hopefully, I have completed them correctly! You guys made it pretty easy for me – thanks! Also…you said, “Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in obtaining my disability benefits” – No, Sir! Thank you for trying to help me. Also…please let my case manager know how much I appreciate all that he has done to help me! He has truly been awesome! Okay? Whether we win or lose this case, thank you guys! Sincerely,
– Joy B.

It has been such a pleasure talking to you. I have had many disappointments since the accident and now, through you, I see a ray of hope. I understand that your firm has an excellent reputation. Yes, I have done my research. I am delighted that you have taken me on as a client. Sincerely,
– Michelle L.