Veterans Should Now Be Seeing an Increase in the Amount They Receive for Disability

The Cost of Living Adjustment has been increased to 1.7% and the change officially went into effect in December, but you should now begin seeing the change on your checks if you are currently receiving disability benefits. The total increase you will see from this depends on your disability rating, but the average yearly increase is $500. This change is expected to affect around four million veterans, military retirees and survivors.

The Senate passed the COLA bill for military retirees and veterans’ survivors. The COLA increases the pay for anybody who receives Social Security. This includes military retirees who receive disability benefits and compensation. This also affects veterans’ survivors who receive dependency and indemnity compensation. Click here to view the entire article.

If you are not seeing this change reflected on your check, be sure to contact the VA office to get the issue straightened out. If you need help getting this issue fixed, contact a disability lawyer today.