Veterans Affairs overpaid Disabled Vets

While working through the backlog of disability claims, the VA has come to the conclusion that it overpaid 12,800 veterans between 1993 and 2009. The total amount overpaid has totaled around 943 million. The problem is currently being corrected. According to the auditors, if the problem is not corrected another 1.1 billion could be lost by 2016.

During the claims process, some veterans receive a 100% disability rating while they are undergoing surgery. The problem with this comes up when the claims examiners fail to seek a follow up medical exam from the veterans who previously received the 100% disability rating. When this happens, the disability rating will continue until someone stumbles upon the mistake. Also a 100% rating legally prevents the VA from collecting overpayments that have occurred.

The fixes put into place include reminders that a follow up exam is necessary. The claims process will also become automated. You can view the full article at USAtoday.