VA is Going Digital to Reduce the Backlog of Claims

There is currently a backlog of over 24,000 disability cases and the VA is looking to use a digital web based solution for processing these claims. It is called the Veterans Benefits Management System and it is currently being used by 18 regional VA offices, according to the VA assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs. After the new system is implemented, veterans applying for VA benefits will receive a claims decision within four months from when the claim was first submitted. Sowers also claims that the new system is 98 percent accurate in its record keeping. The main goal is eliminate the current backlog of cases by 2015.

The VA said that they first mentioned a paperless digital claims system last august when the floor in the Winston-Salem office almost collapsed under the weight of the claims folders. Each file is around 2 inches thick and contains the veteran’s service records and medical history. It is estimated that almost 37,000 claims folders were piled up in this office. For more information on this change, check out the original article here.