U.S. Senate Fails to Ratify the Disability Rights Treaty

The Americans with Disabilities Act was created in 1990 to protect the rights of people with disabilities. The ADA then became a template for the disability laws created by other countries. It was also the model used by the United Nations when drafting the Treaty on Disabilities Rights. On December 4, thirty-eight US senators were against ratifying the treaty and this caused the senate to fail in reaching the required two thirds majorities for it to pass. The final vote was 5 votes short from passing. If passed, the treaty would have banned discrimination against disabled individuals. It would have also guaranteed equal opportunities for the disabled when it comes to education, healthcare and more. Many senate Republicans opposed the vote because they claimed that it gave too much power other nations while infringing on US sovereignty. Senators John Kerry and John McCain tried to convince the Senate to pass the legislation prior to the vote. You can view the full article at The Inquisitr. Even though this did not pass, you are still able to receive disability benefits if you are injured and unable to work. If you need help understanding what benefits you are entitled to, contact an attorney that specializes in disability law.