Senator Clarifies the Findings of Senate Report on Flaws in Awarding Disability Claims

In the Associated Press article, “Report: Social Security Lax on Disability Claims,” it was reported that congressional investigators found some administrative law judges (ALJ) were inadequately reviewing disability applications, and thus, awarding benefits to claimants who might not need them.  The investigators reviewed 300 random cases from Virginia, Alabama, and Oklahoma that were awarded benefits, and more than a quarter of them were found to be lacking in proper medical evidence.

However, Disability Group, Inc. has discovered that Senator Carl Levin of Michigan (D) noted during the Senate hearing that there were also errors of denying benefits to those who might have deserved them.  And, while he agreed with most of the report’s recommendations for addressing the problems with the system, he disagreed on one important issue.

For more information about Sen. Levin’s findings and his disagreement with the Senate report’s recommendations, see Disability Group, Inc.’s press release.