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Back Pain, Disc Disease, and Disability Determinations

In any claim for disability benefits where the medical impairment alleged is back pain, disc disease, or other spinal conditions, objective medical evidence is extremely important. Objective medical evidence in back pain claims includes x-rays, CT scans, and especially MRIs. Social Security judges will often place inordinate importance on the results of these tests rather […]

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U.S. Senate Fails to Ratify the Disability Rights Treaty

The Americans with Disabilities Act was created in 1990 to protect the rights of people with disabilities. The ADA then became a template for the disability laws created by other countries. It was also the model used by the United Nations when drafting the Treaty on Disabilities Rights. On December 4, thirty-eight US senators were […]

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Disability Benefits Around the World

The World Health Organization has released a report last year which estimates that over one billion people worldwide are currently living with a disability and over 80% of these people are living in low income countries. A document created by the United Nations, titled “Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons of Disabilities” […]

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Veterans, How is Your Regional VA Office Doing?

The Bay Citizen has developed an interactive map that tracks the progress of the 58 VA regional offices weekly.  The data is collected from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Monday Morning Reports and its Aspire system which shows how the VA is doing in working towards its aspirational goals of reducing the backlog of claims […]

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The Geographical Distribution of Disability Beneficiaries

While the national statistic for people enrolled in SSDI or SSI is about 6 percent, some states in the southern and Appalachia regions have rates at over 10 percent.  This disparity in numbers can be attributed to several factors related to economics and demographics. The most significant factor is education.  States that have low levels […]

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Will Going To School Affect My Disability Claim?

It depends.  Social Security may consider the fact that you are going to school inconsistent with the reason while you are applying for disability.  For instance, if you are alleging that you suffer from bi-polar disorder or paranoid schizophrenia or any other mental condition, Social Security may consider this as evidence that your impairments are […]

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Appealing vs. Re-Opening a Claim

Q:  I’ve been denied Social Security disability benefits twice, what should I do? A:  Don’t give up!  A very small number of applicants are awarded benefits at the initial levels of the Social Security disability benefits process.  This does not mean that you are not disabled.  If you have a medical condition that makes you […]

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Social Security Field Offices to Reduce Public Hours

Starting November 19, 2012, nationwide Social Security field offices will close a half hour earlier than normal.  In addition, offices will close to the public at noon every Wednesday beginning January 2, 2013.  The only offices not putting the new hours into effect until a later date are those located in the regions most affected […]

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Disability Benefits While Living Outside of the U.S.

I am a U.S. citizen living outside the United States.  Will I still receive my Social Security disability benefits? It depends. You are considered “outside of the United States” if you are not living: – In one of the 50 states; – The District of Columbia; – Puerto Rico; – The U.S. Virgin Islands; – […]

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