Disability Benefits Around the World

The World Health Organization has released a report last year which estimates that over one billion people worldwide are currently living with a disability and over 80% of these people are living in low income countries. A document created by the United Nations, titled “Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons of Disabilities” states the rules countries should follow to help citizens with disabilities cover their costs of living. The amount that disabled citizens receive should be reduced if their income allows for it.

You can only receive disability benefits in Kenya if you are unable to do any type of work. The disabled person receives one payment worth 60 months of their salary. The amount is paid up to a maximum value of 240,000 shillings (1 US$ = 85.1 shillings).

In Brazil, you can receive disability benefits if you are injured during a work related accident. The disabled person receives thirteen payments made over the year which is the equivalent of their average earnings, or the total amount of the minimum wage.

If you are unable to work in Australia you may be eligible for a disability support pension, which provides financial support for anyone is disabled and unable to work. A single adult over 21 can receive $712 or $536.7 if part of a couple (1 US$ = 0.98 AUD).

If you are unable to work in China because of a disability, you are eligible to receive 40% of your monthly wage.

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