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What is an SSA Request for Reconsideration?

If you’ve applied for disability benefits and found that your application was denied, it doesn’t mean that your chances of receiving the benefits you deserve are over. The Social Security Administration offers what is a called a “Request for Reconsideration”, which is essentially a person asking that his or her case be looked at again, […]

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Total, Partial & Permanent Disability

What is the difference between partial and permanent disability? First, to qualify for benefits, you must prove that your disability falls into at least one of the following categories: temporary total disability (TTD), permanent partial disability (PPD) or permanent total disability (PTD). To be placed into any of these categories, you must be evaluated by […]

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What are Disability Payback & Retroactive Benefits?

What is Disability Payback? Disability claims take a long time to process, so many times claimants will receive back pay for the benefits they would have received if they had been approved earlier. If you are eligible for back pay with Social Security Disability Insurance, you will collect one lump sum of aid after you […]

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Changes Speed up the processing time of VA disability claims

Changes Speed up the processing time of VA disability claims In January 2013, a step was taken to allow veterans to receive disability benefits much easier. It is estimated that this change would help around 40% of disability claimants. During a 15 month test period, the VA eliminated the need for disabled veterans to go […]

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How Disability Benefits are Assessed in Armenia

In Armenia, the health system currently categorizes disabled people according to one of three ranks. The first rank is the most serious. This rank helps the state determine how much they pay to each person. Currently 170,000 disabled people are registered and 90,000 should be able to continue working. This method is currently being replaced […]

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Veterans Affairs overpaid Disabled Vets

While working through the backlog of disability claims, the VA has come to the conclusion that it overpaid 12,800 veterans between 1993 and 2009. The total amount overpaid has totaled around 943 million. The problem is currently being corrected. According to the auditors, if the problem is not corrected another 1.1 billion could be lost […]

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Michael J Astrue Received the 2013 VIDA Award

Former commissioner of Social Security, Michael J Astrue, recently received the 2013 VIDA award from the National Alliance for Hispanic Health. The CEO of the organization said that Astrue’s “commitment to all communities has defined his life.” While he was in office, Astrue helped reduce the time applicants have to wait for their application to […]

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CBO Releases their Annual Social Security Projections

The Congressional Budget Office has provided an update on its projections for the Social Security Program. According to the update, it appears that Social Security is failing at a faster rate than the predictions from last year’s report. Over the next decade, Social Security spending is expected to double while the amount of disability claims […]

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Canada Creates New Rules for Veteran’s Disability Benefits

In Canada, new rules were recently unveiled to help serving and retired military receive the disability benefits they need. An official who was appointed by the government found that veterans’ rights were being violated. The report also found that certain aspects of the application were often flagged before the official records arrived. Because of this, […]

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