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If You’ve Become Disabled, You’re Entitled to Social Security Benefits!

Struggling with a degenerative illness, a newly-identified sickness, a grave injury or any other kind of disability can be painful for both the person affected as well as their loved ones. And, facing a disabling condition can be challenging both physically and psychologically. In addition to your health concerns, your are confronted with rising medical bills, managing your responsibilities to your family, and meeting your other financial obligations with a lack of income or resources.

Are Your Social Security Disability Benefits Been Unfairly Withheld?

At Disability Group, we have the level of experience and expertise needed to help you successfully represent your claim and win benefits. If you’ve been deprived of the ability to work and generate an income due to a disabling condition, you are entitled to financial support offered through social security. Get help from the accomplished, respected and conscientious team of social security disability professionals at Disability Group!

Let Us Help You Navigate Through the Complicated Process

We have years of experience successfully winning social security disability cases because all our clients are represented by a licensed attorney. Allow us to fight for your social security disability benefits while you concentrate on regaining your health and taking care of your family. Don’t face the social security system alone. We have the deep expertise, through years of experience, to fight for your social security benefits.

Importantly, not only do we fight for your benefits, we also keep you well-informed along the way. We will closely partner with you throughout the social security claims process to ensure that you know the status of your case, and next steps, at every step of the process.

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What You Can Expect through the Process

If you believe you are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, you should file an application as soon as possible, to preserve your application date. Social Security Disability benefits are only payable for one year prior to the date the application is filed, so be sure file quickly! In addition to locking in your filing date, filing an application will permit Social Security Administration to make a formal determination as to whether you are eligible to receive benefits and assure that you receive benefits for any months you are eligible to receive payment. Filing an application also gives you the right to appeal if you disagree with the determination.

Filing for Social Security benefits can be a complicated and confusing process – and in order to obtain the government benefits you deserve, it helps to have experienced legal experts on your side. It is best to contact an attorney as early as possible. Not only so they can help you navigate through the application process and prepare you for the tactics of insurers, but so they can help you gather and prepare your medical records. It is often the case that only the information in your file at the time of appeal will later be admitted into any civil action against an insurer. This means that it is in your interest to ensure that your file is as complete as possible before this stage, and an attorney's office, like Disability Group, can help you tremendously with that effort.

The Disability Group will handle all required paperwork professionally and promptly, and help obtain the necessary medical evidence to prove your case. Additionally, as your representative, we will be there throughout the appeals process, and navigate the complicated path to a successful claim.

Representation by an Attorney Makes a Difference

Remember, hiring an attorney does make a difference in whether you win or lose Social Security Disability benefits! During Congressional testimony, California Congressman Robert T. Matsui stated, "Professional representation is a valuable, and indeed vital, service. The disability determination process is complex. Claimants without professional representation appear to be far less likely to receive the benefits to which they are entitled. For example, in 2000, 64% of claimants represented by an attorney, but only 40% of those without one, were awarded benefits at the hearing level."

Quite simply, at the hearing level, you can improve your odds of winning your Social Security Disability case dramatically if an attorney represents you. Many people have never hired an attorney before and the decision to hire one can be daunting. Naturally, you will have many questions. If you are considering hiring an attorney to help you with your Social Security Disability case, remember, with the Disability Group, you only pay if you win your case! There's no cost, and no risk, to you!

If you are considering filing a claim for SSA Disability Benefits, it is wise to consult with an attorney. The consultation shouldn't cost you anything except your time. And, by understanding the SSA Disability benefits process, and having a strategy, you can significantly improve the chances of winning your case.